St. Charles Catholic Elementary School

Faith Initiatives

St. Charles Catholic School is committed to Catholic education. Our faith is strengthened each day as we begin with morning prayer and each individual classroom shares Scripture stories and lessons about our Catholic faith during a daily religion lesson.

Faith Celebrations and Mass

At St. Charles School:
• We celebrate Mass at the Church
• We assist with Sacramental Preparation (Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation)
• We have daily Catholic Religion classes and Christian Family Life Programs
• We have Liturgical celebrations throughout the year
• Our strong Catholic values are recognized and praised during our Student/Virtue of the month assemblies
• We Celebrate Catholic Education Week
• We take part in social justice projects including food drives and the Jonathan Hetu Walk

St. Charles School is also the English Catholic School for the communities of Dowling, Levack, Onaping and Cartier, which are all under the umbrella of St. Bartholomew Parish of Levack. The church names are as follows:
• St. Etienne-Martyr Church in Dowling
• St. François-Xavier Church in Cartier

Our Parish

St. Kevin Parish
4610 St Therese St
Val Therese, ON
P3P 1S5

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