* Please note that this list may combine current and previous school year staff until the first or second week of September. If clarification is required please contact the school.
David Soehner Principal
Angela Polischuk Vice Principal
Kelly Dwyer-Hominuk Secretary
Monika Peltomaki Secretary
Alanna D'Angelo Grade 1 & 2
Emily Maxwell Grade 2 & 3
Holly-Anne Swain Grade 3 & 4
Catherine Cormier Grade 4 & 5
David Nicholls Grade 6 & 7
Brent Peplinski Grade 7 & 8
Michelle Robinson Core French
Corry Allair Early Child Ed.
Line Price Full Day Kinderg
Eric Miron Music
Michelle Robinson Prep Time
Maria Peplinski Resource
Michelle Thiessen Resource
Catherine Wilson Resource
Brigitte Wissell JK/SK
Joanne Restoule Grade 1
Colette Daoust Grade 1 & 2
Cindy Lewis Grade 2 & 3
Monique Blais-Callaway Grade 3
Ginette Fraser Grade 3 & 4
Ronald Belanger Grade 4 & 5
Laurie-Anne Bouzane Grade 6
Nathalie Beaudry Grade 7 & 8
Deborah Huneault Early Child Ed.
Megan Jorstad Early Child Ed.
Nathalie Mcgaughey FCI
Michelle Robinson FCI-JR
Melodie Blanchard-Winn Full Day Kinderg
Nathalie Mcgaughey Prep Time
Stephanie Boyuk Educational Assistant
Sheri Neuts Educational Assistant
Marg Limoges Custodian
Loriana Lepre Assistant Custodian
Richard Mitchell Cleaner
Kristine Belanger Lunch Room Supervisor
Jennifer Carpenter Lunch Room Supervisor
Melissa Mason Lunch Room Supervisor
Anne Methe Lunch Room Supervisor
Hodan Vaillancourt Lunch Room Supervisor

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